Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 22nd week (on August 29, 2020)

I'm not sure why the number of new positive cases in Japan are slightly decreasing even we, Japanese, are gradually increasing our economic activity as you can see in the figure. It might seem like that everything is going well, but the Flu season is approaching. Many of us guess the coronavirus strengthens its activity in the winter season like the ordinary Flu, I think. Additionally, it is said that the initial symptom of both of them are very similar. What if both Corona and Flu get their peak at same time? It will probably cause chaos in diagnosis in medical institutions. Taking the flu shots would be more significantly important this year, I think.

Last night, our prime minister, Shinzo Abe, declared his will to resign from his position suddenly because his chronic illness got worse. It makes sense that he hasn't delivered his words and shown his face in front of the media lately. There was a rumor that his condition isn't good, I guess it was not just a fake news. Although there has been a very difficult time with Corona virus last 6 months, I simply thank him for being the top person of this nation for a long time, I truly wish for his high-quality resting and full recovering.

I have no idea who will be the successor after PM. Abe, at this moment. I hope that next leader will be the one scares the coronavirus away.

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