Taste almost like tap beer at home in Japan

I am the huge beer lover. Whenever I find a tap beer at a restaurant, I get happy because it is full of flavor, smoothness, and suits any meal I have in my mind. Tap beer is tastier than canned or binned beer, I think. I would be very happy if I could have installed a tap beer server at home!

Asahi, one of the Japanese major beverage manufacturers, had developed a new canned beer like a tap beer this spring. Asahi has been trying to change the common understanding of canned beer with this new one. A specific large pull tab enables to make a large amount of smooth bubbles like a real tap beer. It sold explosively but unfortunately, it was hard to buy because of the limited distribution amount. It seems that the unique shape of the pull tab doesn't fit mass production as far as I know.

Like I said, as a big beer lover, I had to try it and I looked for it wherever I can find beers at store, but hadn't been really successful for long time. At last, I have found this product by chance at a convenience store and tried it at home. The volume of bubbles is rich and smooth like velvet, as expected. Taste is similar to tap beer more than any other products saying "tap-beer like". I again have realized the importance of bubbles when it comes to the taste of beer. I'm looking forward to tasting it again. Hope Asahi to succeed in mass production!

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