Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 3rd week (on Apr. 18, 2020)

201 new patients were confirmed in Tokyo yesterday. It marks the highest number of new cases in Tokyo. It was a shocking to know more than 100 new patients confirmed on Apr. 4, but it feels like a long time ago to me. I'm not sure whether our quarantine behavior in this two weeks has been working well or not. And the state of emergency, not to go out, was expanded to entire Japan two days ago.

By the way, I'm looking forward to getting new two masks from our government spending approximately 466 M$. Besides the huge budget, so many professionals, experts, all those smart people and politicians spent extremely long hours of discussing the best masks to distribute nationwide. It seems to be a little bit small for covering my mouth. It might be introduced in a history textbook in the future -- Too much discussion doesn't always make good idea --

On top of that, our government decided to distribute cash amount of 100,000 yen (about $1,000) to every Japanese citizen this week, but it would take a long time to receive it because they just started to discuss details now.

Let me talk about my personal quarantine life. I have been working from home in Tokyo under quarantine for three weeks. It's been a while and starting to feel like okay a bit. Fortunately, I could work in my private room without getting any interruption. Usually, average office workers in Japan would not have own office unless they are promoted to upper management. It may be sad to say, but having own office is an unbelievable thing in Japan. Since it is my own space, where I don't need to care about making noise to others, I am very glad that I can make a phone call without holding the phone-receiver, just simply use its speaker. The hands-free call is very comfortable. I can use my computer without feeling stress. Even a little thing like this, makes our miserable less-freedom quarantine life a bit happier and hopes to accumulate them until the day we finally see the end of this COVID-19 panic, I think.

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