Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 2nd week (on Apr. 11, 2020)

I'm an office worker and living in the Tokyo-metro area. Although the Japanese government demanded us to stay home, but the number of new patients has been increasing rapidly. All I can do is to worry. I worry when the number of patients would exceed the capacity of hospitals?

As you might already know, our government basically told us not to go out, however didn't set any strict law or rule for whom who violates. Fortunately, I have been doing remote work for two weeks. I am sorry to hear that many other workers have to work on-site, even today. Actually, my brother is one of them.

Working from home wasn't popular before COVID-19 in Japan. Which means, infrastructure for remote work is very poor to begin with. In my case, I log in a company network from my home using a secure way. I can log in, but the operation quality is very poor, especially speed is extremely slow. It took one hour to make a very simple document yesterday. Let me rephrase this, 1 hour for 5 minutes simple work, if it were in my office usually. Network traffic is beyond maximum capacity.

Taking longer time for work is irritating, but not only that, I started getting worry about my physical condition. Stay home is equal to no exercise for me. Even the simplest exercise as walking, I haven't done it any of it past 2 weeks. I struggle with the slow computer and tele-conference all day, then I just run out of any extra energy to do anything else after finishing a day. This lifestyle is definitely unhealthy. I need to think about it to improve and pay a little more attention.

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