Gene tested custom weight-loss program in Japan

Working from home is increasing my weight in spite of taking vegetable-rich healthy food. I know why. You can tell them easily too. Stressful work disturbs preparing healthy meal and encourages to eat junk food, and makes me chocolate addictive. I recently discovered new sensational experience of frozen, icy cold chocolates melts in my mouth gives me a sensation. Aside from excuses, I have decided to join a custom-made weight-loss program from the next year.

Before starting the program, I have to take a genetic test to get clues of a potential genetical cause that leads obesity. This test kit seems to check personal diet constitution, such as the types that easy to get fat with sugar or lipid, and hard to get muscles. Just by sending my mucous membrane inside the cheek. Sugar absorption, lipid absorption, and muscular are seems to be related to b3AR, UCP1, and b2AR gene, respectively.

Such kind of service is novel in Japan because the genetic test hasn't been popular yet. So I don't know any genetic information about myself at all and look forward to getting the result. As soon as I get the genetically instructed diet advice, I'm going to write the progress of the weight-loss program starting from next year!

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