Parenting Style and Education -I don't want to spoil, but not to be the too strict one-

Why don't you stop nagging your kids when you see that they don't study at all? Sometimes I regret saying too much. But I can't help myself stop telling my only child to study for her future. I don't have any big property for my only child to inherit, but I want to give her many chances of educational opportunities. Because I believe education will be her asset for a lifetime. That's why I need to say something.

Encouragement seems to be the key solution

I remember a successful trial case in a rural school in India when I feel like need to nag my daughter. In the story I heard, Children spontaneously acquired difficult knowledge, improper replication of the DNA molecule causes disease, without teachers. In this trial, those children were given only a computer with an internet connection and a grandmother who encouraged students online.

The grandmother was simply saying, "Wow". It was called saluting learning. I adopt this method to my parenting style. Needless to say, you should not forget to prepare the environment for studying.

If you want to know more about this trial case -Build a School in the Cloud-, please click the link.

How to get a new parenting style

Changes in work skills are rapid nowadays, but changes in educational methods are slow. Old common sense does not work. I love to get some tips from TED site which gathers ideas worth spreading from all over the world. It might worth try it, I think.

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