Best healthy finger food with beer, Japanese Edamame!

In my previous post, I declared to go on a diet and introduced some healthy food in Japan, but I want you to forget it for a while. Our stressful society usually disturbs my plan. Recently, a side effect of 2nd vaccination made me to take a two-days paid holiday and influence of coronavirus infection decreased the manpower temporarily on my project, but the delivery date of the project remained same. In the case like this, Izakaya, a Japanese drinking place, is a good place to relieve stress. But Izakaya doesn't offer any alcohol under the state of emergency.

Having said that, it automatically leads me to drink at home. Let me introduce a convenient and somehow healthy finger food when I drink at home. Frozen-boiled green soybean is my best choice of finger food because it can be prepared by microwave easily. I can still bear to prepare it even after a long tiring day. Additionally, those high-grade one is almost as tasty as Izakaya's.

Apart from the topic, frozen-boiled green soybeans are also good as one of the side dishes in a lunch box. There is no microwave procedure because they are to be defrosted naturally in the lunch box. What an ultimate cooking style this is! There are many kinds of excellent frozen food available in Japan. Let me introduce some more interesting foods maybe later this fall, hope to show you some fun stuff! Stay tune!

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