Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 11th week (on June 13, 2020)

In Tokyo, 10 to 30 new patients have been confirmed in a day lately. These numbers are the same as last week, but "Tokyo Alert" conducted on June 2 was lifted on June 11 already. Personally, I don't know why "Tokyo Alert" was lifted so early. As a result, the stay home request was eased except for live music club and night club.

Meanwhile, we entered the rainy season on June 11 in Tokyo. Which means, droplet infection would be more suppressed due to high humidity. As a matter of fact, mostly Influenza isn't prevalent in this season. I wish the rain washed out all coronavirus surrounding the city.

Let me talk about the 11th week of my personal quarantine life. I'm still working from home! At this point, I finally thought I couldn't stand the poor work efficiency anymore! All documents are prohibited to print out due to the confidentiality code. In my work, I struggle with big files with lots of data such as closely written Word documents, huge Excel sheets, and PowerPoint documents look like a piece of art every day. When I was working at office, I had some documents were printed out on hand, as I made these documents there, before. On the other hand, I have them opened simultaneously on my desktop screen and I have to switch them endlessly, just in order to get the work done.

Change to 31.5-inch display from 24-inch

I bought 31.5-inch display on impulse with my pocket money. This one can display 2560 x 1440 pixels. Which means, whole page of word documents can be displayed side by side in one screen without switching between. It's amazingly comfortable! I couldn't do this before with my old 24-inch display, 1920 x 1080 pixels. I should have done it sooner, I really think.

Height-adjustable display

The displays that can adjust the height aren't available that many. This function is more essential for me than any other functions, because I can't work looking down continuously as it starts hurting my neck and surrounding area. To avoid that painful and unfortunate experience, I adjust the height of the screen to be same as my eyesight with my new display or any other adjustable one, otherwise I put the thick dictionary underneath as the stand of it.

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