In Tokyo, about 200-300 new patients have been confirmed positive every day. Although there are no clues and measures to stop spreading the COVID-19, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism (MLIT) has began "Go To Travel" campaign, which encourages people to go travel on July, 22. This campaign supports 50% domestic travel expense for Japanese residents only and is said to recover the economy by promoting consumption. Regarding the increasing number of patients, Tokyo residents and anyone who travel to Tokyo are excluded from this campaign.

Many of us are doubting of this campaign. Why now?

My understanding of this campaign is the following;

  • PROS: Recover the economy and promote consumption. Help the travel and tourism industry.
  • CONS: Spread the COVID-19

I don't think the pros outweigh the cons because traveling isn't only a solution for the economy. Local production and local consumption should be promoted more, I think. If I were a politician, I would make a campaign to supports 50% expense for buying food and products of other areas over the Internet and helps the tourism industry directly by providing financial supports.

The vaccine is still under development, but I believe one day, that we don't have to care about infection, will be with us here soon.

My consumption

Let me talk about my personal quarantine life for 17 weeks. I have been working from home and organizing a comfortable environment for work lately. This week, I bought a tower fan because I don't like the air conditioner.

This type of fun is categorized as high-grade fun, so it uses a high-quality and quiet DC motor to make finely regulated winds. You might not believe it, but it's like a natural wind going through my room. I have to change my recognition that electric fans aren't out of date.

The tower fan is slim, so it won't take up much space. I like this feature as well.

Don't you think that shopping is a good thing in order to stimulate the economy? Nowadays, I justify my consumption by this reason.

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