Does anyone know who is the winner? -US presidential election from a Japanese point of view (on November 7, 2020)-

How long should we wait to get the reliable and final result? It has been 4 days since the voting day. In our understanding, vote counting is supposed to end by the next day at longest. Considering the rapid and various news related, what has been broadcasted in Japan is also very confusing to understand the situation there. Does anyone know who is the winner?

I again realized about half of Americans support Donald Trump through the election. In Japan, there is little information about the supporters why they are a great fan of Donald Trump. According to one theory, they have a high evaluation of his economic measures. Really? Just that reason? I'm not fully convinced with that theory, I think there have to be more reasons for their high enthusiasm and the high number of supporters.

Most of foreign commentators in Japan who can explain presidential election easily don't support their current president. Which means, Japanese people may have chance to get information from only one side through media here, even though the US is the most important ally for Japan.

Last week, I watched a TV program featuring the personal history of Donald Trump. It made fun of him from beginning to end, throughout the entire show. All Japanese commentators were laughing a lot and it was not a nice thing to see that those on media are teasing a president of other nation openly and thinking it is okay to broadcast nation-wide. I felt ashamed as a fellow Japanese person.

It's looks like chaotic but I hope the election will see an happy ending at the end of day.

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