Pre-washed salad, short times cooking in Japan

Ready made salad in bags can be found on shelf in stores anywhere in Japan. It's the most convenient way to get greens on my plate. Once I started using them, I can't go back to old-fashioned salad even though these costs 3 to 4 times more. To tell the truth, I hate the long process -wash, chop, drain, preparing dressing, toppings, tossing and finally serving them- of preparing the salads. Bagged salads set me free from time-consuming process and allow me to prepare extra toppings such as salad chicken and whole kernel corn for my salad plate. It's so easy but a little expensive that I sometimes feel a kind of shame against homemade food belief. Don't you have these kinds of feelings sometimes?

It's said that nutrients are gradually lost every hour after being packed. I know that, but it never becomes a reason to stop using them because if I started to care about it, there is no green on my plate. Better than nothing! I have heard that someone concerns about possibility of bugs being in that salad that could cause food poisoning such E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus. Very fortunate things with Japanese food standard and quality, I haven't heard any food poisoning trouble with them, zero. This is because many Japanese manufacturers are particular about high quality and safety, I think.

The variety of pre-washed salad bags is increasing and those are becoming popular in Japan. In the beginning, the content was just thin-sliced cabbage, several kinds of vegetables are mixed nowadays colorfully. The combination of vegetables is getting well more and more. Looking forward to what comes next. Enjoy your life with the extra time squeezed by easy cooking!

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