Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 5th week (on May 2, 2020)

165 new patients were confirmed in Tokyo yesterday. I was disappointed to hear the number because much smaller numbers of new patients, less than 50, had been recorded for two days in a row until yesterday. To be honest, I was pretty sure that the peak was out two days ago.

The state of emergency, so-called "Stay home campaign", originally set across Japan until May. 6 will probably be extended for another month. It will be officially decided by our government on May. 4. Which means, my personal quarantine life would be extended for 1 month, too.

Let me talk about 5th week of my personal quarantine, with work. Again, I have been working from home in Tokyo under quarantine, believe it or not, it is five weeks now. However, this week isn't just like other quarantine weeks, because of the Golden Week, one of longest holiday of year in Japan where people go out and spends a wonderful time usually.

Usually, when there is no coronavirus, I would love to go out with friends and family and enjoy this beautiful season, instead of doing that, what am I doing? Cooking some of the elaborate and difficult to make dishes without taking any omission or easy recipe. Pork Kakuni, pork cut into cubes and boiled then cooked with soy source-based seasoning, is a good recipe for worth taking time. You could see it as a topping of the Ramen. It took longer than two hours in total, I never chose such a dish which takes a lot of effort to cook usually, but the result speaks by itself, it disappeared into our stomach instantly. It was nice to see my family happy with it, and I guess I wasn't only one as we see many people are giving challenges to difficult recipes on SNS. Some Japanese certainly have improved their cooking skill during this holiday, I think.

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