10-second Breakfast, Jelly Meal

Every convenience store has a nutrition supplements shelf in Japan which has Energy jellies, drinks, protein bars, and others. Because it is always there, it gradually becomes a part of our meal, especially, for busy people. Since it's so handy and only costs small changes, there is no doubt that younger kids to buy energy drink with excess amount of caffeine to get high every day, and then become addicted to it. It has become a problem to my society.

Believe it or not, a company sold an energy drink with a catchphrase, "Can you fight for 24 hours?" 30 years ago. Of course, this product was not for soldiers but for businessmen. I was only a student at that time, shocked by it and thought "I don't want to work. Company is such a scary place. I can't work like that.". If this catchphrase were distributed now, it will definitely spark a lot of backlashes, I think.

On the other hand, energy jellies don't have such the negative image at all. Line-up of the products with a healthy-looking design package has been increasing its own product value little by little and now gradually become a popular meal. In the beginning, the taste was like a medicine, but, nowadays, there are some enjoyable and fruity flavors available like an apple, banana, and mango. Besides, it's very useful in a busy morning. We can take it in just 10-second.

I'm looking forward to seeing a new flavor in this field and being surprised in an amazing way!

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