How to get cooperation with parenting and households from your partner -parenting communication tools-

It's ideal if you would get a lot of cooperation from your partner. In reality, we sometimes fall into solo-parenting and households. And we often get into some arguments over sharing methods, parenting style, household style and so on. In my case, the atmosphere in our living room began to feel very awkward after the argument, not really good. I'd like to introduce a small tip to appease such kinds of tension using high technologies.

Importance of information sharing

In business, information sharing among the team is critically important. If a guy is the only one who knows how the job works, it's unstabilized management. You can guess what would happen if he quit the team. Solo-parenting and households are the same as this management type as this bad example.

Information sharing using cloud service is convenient for busy parents. Use of cloud service might sounds like something very difficult and complicated, but it actually is simple as downloading one application into your smartphone. It is easy to access them from anywhere and anytime. Parent's work schedule, event schedule for your kids, notifications from the school and so on should be shared. These are not all information we have, I know, but those would be highly prioritized information to know the partner's activity.

Introduction of my favorite App

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and LINE are convenient Apps for daily communication, but they tend to get confusing with longer conversations or multiple subjects. My favorite App is "TimeTree" which can link an event to calendar easily and organize files divided by your original categories. More than 10 million users make good use of this App.

For example, information about cultural festivals should be linked to the calendar because three is no need to access this information after the festival. On the other hand, information about school rules, i.e. how to tell absence to school, should be put in a categorized folder like a “School” for you and your partner to find this information easily. My tip here is to take a photo of every information from school and put them into this folder, even in an Email, and put all of them to this folder. Especially, printed important information should be digitized because you can access them from anywhere and reduce the time to find them. Have you had experiences to go back home to check information and waste your time to look for them?

You may use your familiar major applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. But I dare to use the different applications from one using at work because your partner will have difficulty accessing your schedule or folders via the company's network security.

There are some other good applications as well, Evernote, Trello, Cozi, Buzy Kid and so on, are recommended with detailed and useful information. You may find one you like from the list. I'm a heavy user of Evernote for my personal scheduling, organizing information and such. Evernote is one of good choices, I can recommend this to anyone.

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