Is mobile phone fee expensive in Japan? (on December 5, 2020)

Our government, especially PM Suga even while he was in his previous position - Chief Cabinet Secretary -, has been putting big pressures on the top 3 major private carriers, Docomo, Au, and Softbank, to reduce phone fees every year up to now. According to the government, the mobile phone is a kind of living costs, same as electricity, water, and gas, so these prices should not be high.

In correspondence to the request, the top 3 prepare updated cheaper plans every year, but average mobile phone fees seem to be keeping around 60-70 dollars per month last few years magically. Wonder why? I guess it is because that users are to pay administrative expenses everytime they switch plans and early withdrawal from 24 mo contract results in paying penalty or perhaps lost discount benefits after campaign expires, and etc. It's so complicated that I can't figure it out! Many people feel the same way I do, I think.

After the long waiting period, Docomo announced a new plan, called ahamo, which will offer their services for about 30 dollars per month starting from next March. This time, it seems a true discount at this time and accepted relatively favorable on SNS as well. The details of the new plan will be revealed gradually, and, I hope, new information doesn't betray our expectations.

It is said that simple is the best, but I learnt that having complicated breakdown is the best way to keep their price high for sellers. As a consumer, don't we just wish to have the simple and reasonable plan for something we use everyday!?

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