A ramen restaurant over a high threshold (on November 28, 2020)

A ramen restaurant opened in my neighborhood in the beginning of this year. I've been eagerly wanting to try their ramen there since then, but I'm still holding it in my wish list.

The restaurant only opens 2 hours in a whole month, not only that, that precious 2hours would not be fixed on which day of week or time of a day. These conditions are so severe for me to accomplish my wish list and I haven't been able to go there yet since its opening.

Last month, the day that the shop declared to open, I was going to go there finally, but they suddenly announced they decided not to open at the last minute. Wonder why? My guess is, that they couldn't make their soup good enough to meet their quality standard. Some owners, specially ramen restaurants in Japan are very particular about the qualities of their ramens, and if the ramens don't meet their criteria, they often close their shop without hesitation. Do you think it's stubborn or because of their professionalism? or perhaps coming from the artisan's standard? I wouldn't know, I just want to eat delicious lunch!

You might wonder why the restaurant opens such a short time. The owner rends a restaurant including a kitchen from an Izakaya, Japanese style restaurant & bar, which doesn't open at lunchtime. This is a very smart measure to open the small restaurants I think, which reduces huge initial cost, store opening and management risk.

Lucky me today! I got no obstacles to go there this very day. As usual, 30 meals limited and degree of perfection of soup make me anxious a little bit. If you find the ramen photograph in my blog, please congratulate my dream came true.

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