Want harvest pea sprouts at home!

Sprouts are one of the rich nutritious ingredients. If I were only allowed to live within $1 food budget per day in Japan, I will definitely choose bean sprouts. Bacteria-free bagged bean sprouts are sold for less than a quarter dollar at almost every supermarket and convenience store in Japan. In Japan, all these products on display at the store are passed the safety inspections by the manufacturer before becoming available to consumers.

Half a century ago, we could get only bean sprout. White radish sprouts were the next product, and these were packed with a hydroponic container that can keep these freshnesses even in the fridge. Such an innovative selling style made us surprise at first. A large variety of sprouts, such as pea, broccoli, mustard, cress, red cabbage, and others are available now.

My current obsession is pea sprouts. After trying various kinds of ready-made meals that I posted before, I noticed that pea sprouts are best and frequently added with sliced pork. Like I said in the previous post, the meal consists of simply putting ingredients together in one plate or bowl, flavors are up to me and cooking them in microwave, therefore I thought it is something I can make my own as long as I make right combination. Fortunately, there is no patent for ready-made meal recipes, especially in-house use. Thanks to the recipe developer, I gained another favorite home recipe.

Also, I have heard that pea sprouts can re-grown, which I tried it. It really is true. It was proven within 1 week. And its existence with green color makes me relax. Small home gardening is enables to harvest it anytime and gives me a luxurious feeling!

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