3rd state of emergency to be applied Apr. 25 - May 11 in Tokyo

Our government decided to declare the 3rd state of emergency from Apr. 25 in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo this week. In this declaration, more strict rules to be focused on Karaoke and restaurants specifically. Karaoke and businesses which offer alcohol are requested to close during this term. Department stores, shopping malls, amusement parks, theaters, and museums are requested to close as well. Compared to the declarations before, that requested many businesses to shorten open hours, the request to close this time has become stronger than ever.

Surprisingly, which I couldn't just believe it but, it seems that Tokyo Olympics will be held in July. Many people in Japan are against this decision. From the standing point of your country, do you want to visit Japan now? Someone says, "Government declares the state of emergency several times, but the highest number of new cases is less than 10 thousand. It's a small number", others say "Only about 1% of the population has finished vaccination." and more like that. I would definitely like to hear opinions from outside Japan.

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