Japanese-style healthy pork shabu-shabu salad - Boiled meat slices with vegetables and dressing -

It's pretty normal to get thinly sliced meat at the supermarket in Japan. I used to be excited about eating thick steak when I was a child because meat was kind of luxury food for ordinary people. Nowadays, I like thinly sliced meat better than thick steak because, I hate to tell you but, I am getting old and I prefer a healthier dish to greasy fat meat. Here, I'd like to share with you a very tasty and healthy Japanese dish. It's how to enjoy meat with plenty of vegetables as shabu-shabu salad.

Just boil

Boil water and dip a slice of meat, side of fresh pork, for several seconds. Repeat the process. Sometimes, skim the foam from the top of the water. Excess fat is removed by the boiling process. I'm lazy so I dip all the meats at once. It's totally fine. If you can't get sliced pork, you may use chicken breast tender.

Cut vegetables

Cut vegetables such as onion, green onion and potherb mustard into your favorite size. You can skip this process if you find pre-cut vegetables at the convenient store. Any vegetables will do.

Mix them with dressing

You may use your favorite dressing, too. I recommend you to use some oriental dressing, like sesame dressing. My favorite dressing is ponzu, soy sauce with citrus juice. If you can't get ponzu, why don't you make it by yourself by mixing soy sauce and citrus juice?

Total cook time: 10-15 min.

How to get thinly sliced meat

If you can ask to slice meat at a store, just tell them to slice “paper thin”. Unfortunately, If you don't have any store like that around you, don't give up. Prepare half-thawed meat block and try to slice it with a knife or a slicer. ( if it is completely frozen, it's too hard to slice ) It's an amazingly easy way to get them.

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