Game Changer? Merck Antiviral to Covid

Our government has approved the first antiviral pill, that is already authorized for use in people with mild to moderate status of Covid. I've been waiting for this news to come. Unlike other available drugs or medications for COVID currently, the new pill is like a flu drug which can be easily taken at home and will be provided at an affordable price. Which means, it has a big bright possibility that reduces the risk of hospitalization and the burden for the medical resources.

Vaccination, wearing masks, ventilation, and avoiding crowded places are our only shields against Covid, which lacks a silver bullet, I think. Finally, we got it. The drug efficacy and its impact on our society would be shown in a few months. I sincerely wish it will be our game changer!

In Japan, the number of patients is extremely low compared to other countries and nobody knows the reason, so it's called mystery. Since the Omicron variant outbreaks, our government has closed-door to foreign countries. It seems working well in the case of suppressing the Omicron variant now, but sooner or later the variant would appear in Japan as well like other countries, I guess. But I believe this new antiviral pill will be our ultimate weapon against Covid and be the superhero!

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