One year postponed Tokyo Olympics finally open

The Olympic ceremony began with a silent empty stadium. It seemed very simple compared to the previous opening ceremony back in 1964 since there were only few amazing technology shows. There were many performances by artists like dancers, musicians, and kabuki actors, however I have to say that those were difficult to understand without the narration and explanation. The performances described the importance of understanding and harmonizing among diversities but, for me, these were kinds of irony against the over-commercialized Olympics.

Actually, many people in Japan hoped to cancel the Olympics because Actually, many Japanese residents hoped to cancel the Olympics till the last minute because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our vaccination ratio is extremely low, it is yet 23%, and Tokyo is currently UNDER the state of emergency. The Olympic game starts with full contradictions now. Additionally, lots of complaints from athletes living in the Olympic village via media make us tired.

It's no use worrying about it because no one can stop Olympics at this point. Not only the risk of spreading viruses, shady opening ceremony, and final minute HR disasters, we naturally concern many aspects of this big event. What we can do is to only accept what is there. Enjoy them on TV at home safely. Suddenly, a campaign code with a high discount rate from Uber Eats popped up my mind, and I think it totally makes sense. Let's fit into their strategy and guess who will be a medalist!

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