Autumn snack, Boiled Peanuts in Japan

Peanut is one of the widely available food worldwide and became popular about 100 years ago in Japan. In autumn, plenty of raw peanuts appear on the market in Kanto Area. My favorite eating way is boiled peanuts with salt. And the incomparable good scent, I almost think it comes from gift from natural harvest, during boiling stimulates my appetite. The recipe seems worldwide standard according to Google. It feels like bit strange that people all over the world are eating them in the same way nevertheless the difference and variety of climate, culture and others we have. As searching for more information on the internet, I find a spicy peanuts recipe using Cajun seasoning. I never thought about the spicy one. It's interesting to know new recipes from other countries.

My home town is Chiba Prefecture which is the most famous peanut-producing district in Japan. There were many peanut specialty shops in Chiba, which sell raw, dried, seasoned, or even flavored. That’s why peanut has been a very popular food for me. To tell the truth, I didn't like them before knowing a good one. Big size peanuts are incredibly better than middle or small size. And raw peanuts are also incredibly better than dried ones. I wish I could have known them earlier.

The season, I can find large raw peanuts at affordable prices on the market, is short, so I buy a lot of them when I find, then boil and throw them in the fridge. They will be a big fun throughout Winter even in Spring!

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