Tokyo is going to end its state of emergency tomorrow (as of March 20, 2021)

Over 2 and a half months the 2nd state of emergency is finally going to come to an end even though there are about 300 new cases per day in Tokyo. In the first 2 weeks of its term, this number drastically decreased from about 2,500 to 300, but after reaching 300, the number hasn't changed for about 2 months. Comparing with the effect of the initial state of emergency last year, the number was well-controlled down to under several dozens. There must be some factors behind this significant difference, but nobody explains them clearly.

Anyway, I'm happy to be released from the pressure from the state of emergency. It was like invisible chains that detain me, and a few of them are going to be disappeared at this end of the term. Actually, I'm hesitating to go out for lunch even if I was not asked to refrain from it. I may go to a ramen shop without hesitation from tomorrow. Last week, it was really heavy rain, but I felt lucky because it was a big chance to have lunch at a restaurant which doesn't have a parking lot so does people with car won't come and who wants to go out with umbrella walking in a waterfall.

So I walked to a ramen shop in the slanting rain, and just as I expected, there were no customers other than myself there. As you may imagine I got soaked and was really cold because of that. What on earth am I doing really? Well, the ramen tasted really good, and was happy with it.

I want to believe that the 3rd state of emergency will never come back again!

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