US presidential election from a Japanese point of view (on October 24, 2020)

Our greatest concern is, Who will win? The US is the most important ally for Japan, so the foreign policy of the US has a greater impact on Japan, a lot more than you think. Which means, new US president would have a huge influence on Japan. Having said that, I am interested in how things go just like others in Japan, however it's not easy to get the real situation of the presidential election. Of course, we can get a lot of news from US media everyday, which consists of very different and various opinions. It might be possible to watch those constantly for people who work in positions like news media which reports foreign news or so, however most of us are not. Therefore it would be very helpful to see one brief and trustworthy news summarized and tells the current status. Because most Japanese doesn't know the background information of the media at all, such as a supporting party, credibility, or even sponsorship so on. Having so many and different of them, we don't know what to believe.

As of today, most of Japanese media says after the last presidential debate, Biden is leading. The news reminds me of the last US presidential election. At that time, Hillary was leading even with some scandals and was predicted to be next president. The situation is somewhat similar to last time so I feel like we wouldn't know the winner until then. Frankly speaking, watching this entire presidential campaign does seem like giving us a type of curiosity.

The fatal day of presidential election is approaching!

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