Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 4th week (on Apr. 25, 2020)

161 new patients were confirmed in Tokyo yesterday. It seems like it pasts the peak of increase comparing with the highest record -201- last week. But I don't feel safe yet.

On the other hand, there are so many people buying daily food at supermarkets, because there is no restriction regarding the grocery shopping in Japan. Some of them are even breaking the rule of social distancing. Compared to vacant restaurants, it is weird. What an unbalance behavior!

Let me talk about my personal quarantine life this week. I have been working from home in Tokyo under quarantine for four weeks now. Just like other 3 weeks, there were so many video conferences this week, too.
Have you ever heard the Zoom? Nowadays, it's a very famous video conference App because of the easy-usage and its stability of the connection. Zoom has a good function to hide your background, which may show kids' toys, scattered room, and so on, during the conference. It means that users can change their background to one of those favorite pictures they have. Tropical resort, Futuristic office, Jungle, Art etc. Each of us has individual tastes, may indicating or expressing their true deep feeling or desire? Maybe so, but it surely gives a little chuckle among attendees before getting into the serious meetings.

As it may sounds like very small thing, that's all I can come up in terms of having fun at work now under quarantine life!

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