Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 29th week (on October 17, 2020)

Last Sunday, Apple peacefully, without any incidents related, announced the latest iPhone12 series. Actually, I had been waiting for new models since last year! My well-used-5th-year iPhone always says "Low Battery. 20% battery remaining" after a few hours of use. Whenever I go out, I must bring a mobile battery. It's getting annoying more and more. I'm still working from home basically but the number of work in the company office is increasing recently. So the battery which drains fast motivates me to buy a new phone.

There is one function that makes me hesitate to replace to new phone. The biometric identification method of new iPhone isn't touch ID, the fingerprint authorization, but the face recognition so called Face ID. From what I heard, Face ID sometimes doesn't work properly when we wear a mask. Which means, I have to take off the mask on a crowded train in my reality, just to unlock my device. Of course, I wouldn't do that under current circumstances and will enter a passcode like I used to do, a long ago. Which is disappointing to me. My current one adopts Touch ID, and I have no complaint about its ease-of-use.

All the other functions are wonderful except this one, I think. Especially the camera performance. It seems that resolution has improved drastically. Last year, I thought of changing my phone to a newer one and finally I am about to do now. I truly hope I would write a positive review soon!

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