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The human body is made up of 37 trillion cells of over 200 different varieties. These cells are maintaining your body every day.

Recently, maybe because of the aging thing, I am getting more interested in my health than before. However, I also found out that I don't actually know much about how my own body works. Am I curious about what it does? Yes! but, I was not a big fan of the biology class back in school, and probably never will be. Don't you want to know how it works more easily?

Learn from Japanese Anime - Cells at Work! -

As you know, one of the Japanese prominent inventions is Anime. But you might not know that there are some masterpieces of Anime for education purposes. One of them is "Cells at Work!" called "Hataraku Saibou, (はたらく細胞)" for the original title. This Anime is even used in biology class as a study material in junior high school. What you need to do is just sit back, enjoy the funny cartoon and you will have great knowledge about your body.

It has been translated into English recently. You may have a chance to get them outside Japan.


There are personified cute looking cells such as red blood cells inside the human body. This story is about those cells living and fighting inside our body including many funny jokes and happenings that just make you laugh. For example, white blood cells fight against invaded viruses as the human immune system. The white blood cells work together with other fellow cells.

The story tells us how they find the virus, how to convey information about the invasion and who command killer T cells to fight. It's exactly an understanding of the human immune system. We can learn the function of cells corresponding to their names, and also, the impressive anime characters and story will help you to remember them well.


Erythrocyte - Red Blood Cell -

Neutrophil - White Blood Cell -

Killer T Cell



Helper T Cell

Regulatory T Cell

Naive T Cell

Effector T Cell


Dendritic Cell

Memory Cell

Mast Cell


Spin-off - Cells at Work! Code Black -

The Code Black is also one of the masterpieces. I'll update this content soon.

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