Lucky charm in Japan "Daruma Doll"

“Daruma Doll” is a traditional Japanese tumbler doll representing Bodhidharma, an Indian Buddhist saint in the sixth century. The doll is a lucky charm as a symbol of perseverance and reaching the objectives because it always recovers upright position whenever it is tumbled.

How to use it.

What is your best wish? Pick up one from your wish list. And then paint in one eye praying strongly the wish come true.

Place it in your house or workplace. Avoid setting it at an uncomfortable place such as the bathroom, a closet, and a shed, because the Daruma Doll is the embodiment of the great man. It's not something that you have to carry around. Just place somewhere nice in your house.

When you have achieved your goal, paint in the other eye. Don’t forget to show appreciation at that time. If you want to make a bigger wish than the previous one, I recommend getting a larger doll than before.

What do you wish?

Success in an election, business, examination, life, love, wealth, health and so on. I personally think that the Daruma Doll works well in the field of the election, the business and the examination.

Nice Souvenir

Sizes of Daruma varies from about 2 inches to 3 ft (5cm to 1m). A small Daruma like 2 inches one, is about $5 and if it's a big one like 3 ft, it'll be about $500. The weight is light because the body is hollow and the surface is made of paper. That's why small ones will be perfect souvenirs!

Other talismans

Manekineko (Beckoning Cat), Kumade (Rake) and Hamaya (Ritual arrows to drive away devils) are famous talismans in Japan. I want to explain it at the next opportunity.

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