Maybe I should have asked earlier, but how do you charge your phone?

What is your routine task, the task you didn't do last century, without missing even a single day?

The answer is, charging your phone, tablet and/or other devices. Have you ever forgotten to charge your device? Yes, I have and came up with my own solution. I decided to increase the number of charging spots. Too simple? Just hear me out.

Good thing about having fixed and separate charging spot at home

I have 2 iPhones. There are three charging spots at my home, one charging spot at the company and one mobile battery. Why do I have three charging spots for two iPhones at home? Actually one of charging spots is located in a very inconvenient place, but it is sometimes good for smartphone addict like myself. If you want to make a distance between the smartphone and your beloved children, you may want to set up charging spots under your control with your original rules.

In my case, the charging accessory Apple-supplied is now dedicated as a traveling set because I sometimes forget to bring it, especially when the device was being charged while I was getting ready to go work.

Cheaper the better? Not for the cable!

I bought the cheapest USB- lightning cables for battery charging at Amazon shop because Apple genuine products are too expensive to buy more.   It worked well at first but it started having a problem to detect devices soon.  It seems that the size of the connector doesn’t fit the port of devices.  

I didn't know "Apple MFI Certification", a licensing program for developers of hardware and software for Apple products. I use MFI Certificated products now because they are high quality and cheaper than Apple's genuine ones.

Do you brush your teeth with a toothbrush you picked up on the road?

Nowadays, security specialists say like that, when we use unknown charging cables or power plugs. It has a possibility that your devices will be hacked by someone. Public space like an airport is a famous place we should be taken care of it. Malicious products, like an OMG Cable, are developed every day. We might learn "Network Health" as a basic knowledge like to learn "Public Health".

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