Much easier! Data transfer from old iPhone to iPhone 13

Whenever my family changes their phones, I set up the phones including their data transfer. Nobody likes this procedure, especially data transfer from old one to a new phone, I think. Some technical IT knowledge and time used to be needed to complete that. The tough experience made me hesitated to change my phone even though battery deterioration becomes serious. I finally decided to change my phone since many inconvenient things started happening.

So I changed it! I have to say that the process was a lot easier than ever! New and old phones made communication directly using Bluetooth and copy almost automatically all contents and settings. That's all. However, some settings, especially login information, of individual applications were lost. Data transfer was completed after re-login to those apps. It was way too easy. What were all my previous efforts for? I didn't have to prepare another computer, iCloud, WiFi, or special application whatsoever like I used to. I used to take backups using iTunes app installed another Windows PC and copy the backup to the new phone. This process had many technical difficulties, especially if the phone had lots of data beyond the backup area.

The data transfer process was unbelievably easier than before. It is almost as easy as online shopping! But I still don't think everyone living can do this, one example is like my old parent who can't barely even do internet search. I have to take care of my mother about anything her phone related, too. Even bigger concern that I have here is, my father, over 80 years old, who sticks to use a flip phone. Unlike iPhone or any other android phones, his flip phone can't use whatsup, LINE or any other communication apps so I sometimes have to retype some messages using E-mail. Please, someone tell me how to make my dad give up using the flip phone!

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