On diet food, Konjac based Japanese noodle

Japanese dried noodle, like Udon or Soba, is one of the most traditional time-saving and budget-friendly meal. Besides, it has a long shelf life, over one year. Furthermore, its omnipotent usage enables us to eat them with hot soup or chilled. Which means, we can enjoy them throughout the year. That's why they are one of my reliable regular lunch menus.

Recently, I found a low-calorie noodle containing a Konjac which is a famous root vegetable for extremely low-calorie. As a trial, I cooked chilled noodles with some vegetables, which were cooked within 10 min. In my understanding, all those diet focused items are less tasty than regular ones. The taste was competitive even with standard Japanese noodles. What a wonderful thing! It's the time-saving and good diet cuisine.

Why do I suddenly start sticking to a diet? It's time to seriously care about my weight increase. All pants that I bought before the pandemic don't fit anymore. Why? The reason is very simple. I have been working from home for more than one year, that led increasing my weight due to low-energy consumption without usual walking routine to the office and easy access to kitchen, I know. I want to do something about it, and I came to think that why not exploring something new and fun since I stay at home and am able to search various interesting items on internet. Let me introduce some foods maybe later this fall, hope to show you some fun stuff!

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