Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 12th week (on June 20, 2020)

Believe it or not, in Tokyo, 30 to 50 new patients have been confirmed in a day lately. Although these numbers are about twice larger than last week, all the stay home request was lifted on June 18, 2020. The city would be crowded again soon.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government made a guideline called "Tokyo Infection Expansion Prevention Guidebook" for each business. For example, Audiences at theaters and concert halls, etc are recommended to have their seats sparsely. It's not easy to operate those businesses with such low profitability that comes from a smaller number of customers, I think. I'm afraid that these cultural businesses will be disappeared within 1 or 2 years unless there is additional financial support.

Let me talk about the 12th week of my personal quarantine life. I'm still working from home even though all the stay home request was lifted due to the company policy. Meanwhile, my unfortunate quarantine hair has grown for six weeks. I didn't felt like going a barber for my hair cut then, so I asked my daughter to cut my hair. It's easy to imagine what happened to me. I made a reservation for a barber this weekend to get my original hairstyle back.


And I made a reservation for a medical-checkup next weekend as well. It's still a little scary to go to the hospital though. Since there might be patients of coronavirus as well, whether under treatment or not. Many Japanese have refrained from taking health checks, just because being scared of getting infected at hospitals, I think. Isn't good timing to take a medical-checkup now? As there would be a high possibility of 2nd wave of COVID-19 in the near future?

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