Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 6th week (on May 9, 2020)

39 new patients were confirmed in Tokyo yesterday. Numbers of patients, less than 50 patients, have been recorded for three days in a row. This time for sure, the peak is over.

Nevertheless, the state of emergency, STAY HOME and BUSINESS SUSPENSION REQUEST, was extended until the end of this month. I hope it would be the final extension of it. Regarding this extension, clear criteria for the extension weren't shown from Japanese government in a precise manner. Because of the lack of the explanation given, most of us don't make sense of how it was decided.

Meanwhile, Osaka prefecture announced own distinctive release condition of "STAY HOME" and "BUSINESS SUSPENSION REQUEST". I don't know whether these criteria are right or not, but it is important that the leaders to show something even if it is still a hypothesis, I think. It seems that people welcomed and praised that Mr. Yoshimura - Osaka governor - showed strong leadership for Japanese like Mr. Cuomo - New York governor -.

Let me talk about 6th week of my personal quarantine life this week. I worked only two days this week because of the Golden week until May, 6th. Although I had longer than few days holiday, it was tough two days because low-quality voices at the video conferences made a lot of miss-communication. And misunderstandings made a lot of unnecessary works.

Unfortunate Quarantine Haircuts

By the way, I hadn't felt like going a barber for a hair cut under this quarantine situation. It's been 6th week now and my hair has grown nasty, it made me a decision to cut hair at home at last. I asked my daughter to cut my hair using hair clippers. My 16-year daughter who claimed she is the better beautician than all her friends and I trusted with all my heart. However, though. I realized that this smart young beautician of my home did something when she started laughing. 10 min later, A precipitous cliff appeared at the back of the head. My quarantine life must be continued by another reason. Or, wearing a cap is an essential item to go out.

I see many victims via internet like myself, I guess this is the trending quarantine hair style nowdays!

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