Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 20th week (on August 15, 2020)

Are we past the peak? The number of new positive cases in Tokyo has dramatically dropped last week. The number was over 400 last week, nobody knows why the number became its half, but it is about 200 this week.

I was glad when I heard this number on media, it's been almost 5 months being under quarantine and I would be more than happy to enjoy my old life if the number continues to be low and possibly become zero eventually. However, though I am now sad with the number of yesterday. It went back to about 400. Which means, the bright future I imagined with less number was too-easy interpretation. Apparently, nothing has changed since last week. But wait a minute, just come to think of it. I should be pleased that it has not get any worse.

By the way, to tell the truth, I'm always not good at wearing the mask. Are you OK wearing the mask the whole day? It's hard to breathe and easy to have an earache for me. Fortunately, I don't have many chances to work with the mask in the presence of other people since I am working from home. But some people might have to wear the mask whole day everyday in spite of unbearable conditions. Especially in Japan, we feel obligation to wear the mask in public by ingrained-public-pressure of do what everyone does even if we have enough physical distancing, I think. I bet so many people are mentally tired and would be seeking some good news soon!

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