Fresh tuna flakes at home in Japan!

Sushi and Sashimi are ones of famous Japanese cuisine using raw fish, I think. Raw tuna is a signature ingredient of Sushi, such as tuna rolls, and served with various cooking methods. Minced tuna is one of those and often served as tuna rolls or Gunkan-maki, battleship roll, which is a type of sushi with a strip of dried seaweed wrapped around a rice ball with the minced tuna on top, you might have seen it somewhere.

Raw tuna mince is a very common product among Japanese and can be seen at supermarkets. I found FROZEN raw tuna mince at an online store by accident when I looked for delicious ingredients with a long shelf-time, and bought it immediately without fear of failure. No risk, No gain. The taste was almost the same as the unfrozen one at supermarkets and not fishy. Which, unfortunately is only available and good for domestic consumers.

Tuna don, a bowl of rice with raw tuna mince on top, becomes one of my favorite lunch menus during working from home. 1 minute is enough to prepare it. If you have a chance to get a scallion, green onion, or something like that, I recommend adding chopped scallions and others on the top. It's close to the real sushi restaurant dish. Enjoy it with your original toppings!

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