Quiet Landing on Mars (on February 20, 2021)

I have almost overlooked a historic achievement made by NASA. NASA sent a spacecraft to Mars last July and it successfully landed there yesterday. Olympic and coronavirus have been the major news in Japan and such a kind of scientific news is delivered quietly.

Apparently, it seems that the purpose of exploration is to hunt for ancient life. Is there any living form in mars? I don't know, but if they find it within the next two years, they plan to bring it back to planet Earth. What a magnificent plan! Additionally, Committee on Space Research, COSPAR has already discussed having risks of bringing the unknown life into planet Earth. To me, the fact those people in the top hierarchy to have such discussion about introducing new life form into this planet may mean, the chances of a new finding such as microbe and virus are high, in real. It’s not a gray or little green man like in a movie, shouldn't take this in the wrong way, but if that's the case, I would be more excited.

Astonishingly, there are 11 spacecraft surrounding Mars now. China, India, UAE, Russia, and many other nations are paying attention to Mars as well. And NASA is hoping to launch a manned mission to Mars in the 2030s. It surely had become a famous hot spot before many people realizing it.

Watch this video to see enthusiastic moment at successful landing!

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