Why? Yakiniku Restaurants and UNIQLO successful with COVID-19! (on January 16, 2021)

Surprisingly enough, among competitive food and restaurant industry, the number of bankruptcies of Yakiniku, the Japanese version of Korean BBQ, restaurants is the lowest in a decade. When I heard this news, I could hardly believe it. Especially under current pandemic, I thought all restaurants are reducing their sales even though they are putting effort into delivery and takeaway services. It's shown by the highest number of bankruptcies of many restaurants.

But, the number shows otherwise with Yakiniku restaurants. Why? There is a secret weapon so call the overhead ventilation system. Yakiniku restaurants usually equip a barbecue grill and a strong ventilation system for each table. It inhales smoke in front of us directly. This is the why some people feel a strong measure against coronavirus. Therefore their sale isn't bad even in this situation. I've never imagined it would be the successful key. If this pandemic lasts forever, all restaurants would install personal ventilators on the top of every customer's head.

How about other industries? The fashion and clothing industry is also facing the difficult time currently. However, the sales of UNIQLO, a Japanese representative apparel company, is surprisingly good among others. UNIQLO has been putting effort into room wears targeting stay-home people. How smart! Not only that, people work out of home tend to change their clothes to room wear immediately when they get home, because outer-wear might bring coronavirus. Demands for room wear are increasing rapidly, I'm sure UNIQLO will probably develop new attractive room wears one after another. Me? As you already know, I work from home. So my lower body is very comfy with room ware at same time my upper body dress like business, it's a secret to my boss. If this pandemic lasts forever, this combination would gain official and social recognization and could be seen on their catalog presented by beautiful models.

We have heard bad news lately but new items and measures are emerging one after another to suit the new lifestyle. It's fun to guess new gears, isn't it!?

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