Japanese Coming-of-Age Ceremony "Seijin-shiki"

I attended it a long time ago! Nowadays, it's a precious national holiday on the 2nd Monday of January every year. Whenever I hear that some new adult caused reckless trouble at the coming-of-age ceremony year after year, I feel how the Japanese coming-to-age people are in the peace-at-any-price mindset. But I believe that's a very few, and I pray for bright futures of all new adults.

Coming-of-Age Ceremony

There is no test whether new adults can pull their own weight as a grown-up. In Japan, 20-year-old is the age the society considers people as an adult. Those who turned or will turn 20-years-old in the year just join the ceremony. Most women wear "Furisode", a style of Traditional Special Kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves. On the other hand, men mostly wear a navy, black or grey suit, which seems trending these years. Why don't they wear traditional Samurai-like HAKAMA like girls? Because "Hakama" at this ceremony has a negative image. Sad to say, but, the new adult who cause trouble usually wear "Hakama".

The ceremony is held by local governments. The ceremony is in very solemn mood and some VIP guests would give a speech usually. The new adults want to be perceived that they become adults. But some participants think it's a kind of reunion party whose dress code is Furisode for women and suit for men.

Coming-of-HALF-Age Ceremony

Nowadays, even 10 year-olds have this type of ceremony! 4th-grade students who turned or will turn 10-years-old join this ceremony at elementary school. In this ceremony, students present a letter which shows appreciation to their parents, and teachers and parents celebrate students. This ceremony is getting established as a school event.

It was a good event, I joined as a parent, for me. It's not my place to judge this event is good one or not, but it might be difficult for some kids with some family matters.

The age of adulthood to be lowered, 18 from 20

The age of adulthood will be lowered to 18, starting on Apr. 1, 2022, but the legal age for drinking, smoking, and gambling remains unchanged at 20.

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