Never did I dream that Donald Trump had tested positive. What is going to happen with presidential election in US? Many Japanese are concerning about that. The news that first presidential debate fell into great confusion on Tuesday was also viral in Japan. His energetic behavior even under this corona pandemic made me think that he has some kind of super natural power so that he never catches Coronavirus himself.

It's not scientific thinking with proof, I know, but I felt so. Apart from my personal thoughts, his thought about the mask, unnecessary for Coronavirus prevention, is unacceptable in Japan. Especially in Tokyo metro area, it's hard to find a person who doesn't wear the mask. Almost every resident in Tokyo wears the mask today. Which is where I have my living. For Japanese common sense, it's quite natural to get infected without the mask.

Have I influenced his energic assertion that corona is a kind of head cold? I thought so at first, but I came to think differently later with some reasons. The behavior that Mr. Trump and his supporters don't wear the mask hasn't sunk in me yet. Of course, I saw Youtube in which many people gathered without masks in political rallies. It was so incomprehensible, maybe too unreal, behaviors which must have my understanding function stopped.

SNS had connected the world, and the video conference like Zoom has revealed its usefulness nowadays. We can get a lot of local information regardless of physical distance. Those news too far from your reality just sounds and looks like seeing well-made dreams, that doesn't match with real world where you live. Don't you have those awkward feelings when you hear Ninja is still living in Japan?

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