Salisbury steak at home in Japan

My mother used to make Salisbury steaks sometimes. It comes to my mind that ground meat and chopped onion were mixed by her hands. I used to enjoy helping her just like playing with playdough as a kid back then. Salisbury steak is one of the popular homemade dishes in Japan, I think. Having said that, I’m ashamed to say this but, I haven't made it for a longtime since I have started disliking to get my hands dirty. Even my daughter might think that hamburger steak isn't a homemade one but a ready-made one.

Recent ready-made Salisbury steak is so close to the real restaurant dish that some people might lose their motivation to make it by themselves. The supermarket in my neighborhood is clearly targeting lunch needs of office workers who are now working from home. Lineups of ready-made hamburger steak have been changed to a more luxurious one. The one bit-over 4 dollars is amazing, 2 inches thickness, especially stuffed ingredients, and source. Additionally, we don't have to cook it, just boil it. The cooking process irritates me because I have to keep it on my toes.

Whenever I find them on the shelf I feel very lucky and it will be one of my special lunch menus during working from home.

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