COVID-19 vaccination in Japan may start in May 2021

TOKYO - January 23, 2021 While coronavirus vaccination campaign has begun in some nations, Japanese mass media has started to leak the vaccination schedule little by little. Mr. Taro Kono, currently designated as a vaccination minister and rumored to be the next PM, stated that preparation of environments for smooth vaccinations is on track. He is in high esteem to break through the difficulties with the project.

I'm looking forward to being given the vaccination, but it seems that everyone in Japan doesn't feel the same. As you know, there is no such thing like vaccination with zero risk. The side effects are emphasized and spread in the news even if it's a really rare case. If I focus on risk only, such as a severe side effect, I would be full of anxious feelings and not to hope taking shot. Since I know the benefit as well, such as a high prevention ratio, I would be willing to take it. In spite of the risks, I never hope to be infected with the coronavirus and transmit the infection to my family at home or anybody-else. If I happen to be the patient without taking a shot, I would have regretted for the rest of my life.

I wonder if really given vaccination after 4 months, and two months after the initial vaccination for ordinary people, would be enough for holding Olympic in this summer. It's a future that I can't imagine no matter how much I use my full imagination. We never what the future hold!

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