Just 2min cook! Curry Udon Soup! Japan

Udon is one of the traditional Japanese meals. There are lots of different ways to enjoy Udon. Like, cold udon in the summer season and hot udon soup in the winter season. Furthermore, there are enjoyable various hot udon soups. Especially, a combination of Japanese curry and udon soup is wonderful. I'd like to send my big thank to the person who invented this combination.

The easiest way to cook curry udon soup is to use an instant cup nuddle. It's delicious enough though the quality of udon is far from the original taste due to the use of dried noodle. As many say, the quality of Udon can be defined by its firm but soft enough elasticity and smooth texture. Reproduction of this elasticity and volume of noodles has room for improvement because they are weak and poor on dried one, I think.

While I was searching for anything better, I found a raw noodle type of instant food having a long expiration date, 6 months, under room temperature. The noodle and ingredients are separated into two bags. In preparation, noodle would be microwaved for 2min and mixed with the ingredient. That's it! You may want to put some vegetables as toppings if you like. Sliced green onion is one of the standard toppings. What I can recommend is boiled and sliced okra, my favorite one because it's nutritious and can easily eat a lots if you chopped like the photo. This has become one of my lunch repertoires during working from home. It's easy, fast, and tasty! Please have a try when you don't have time yet to want to have something tasty.

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