The exposure concerning COVID-19 news is getting less, but the pressure I feel concerning restriction of going out hasn't changed. During this difficult time, a great achievement of Naomi Osaka in the US Open Tennis is one of the few pleasing news. She will go head to head with Victoria Azarenka as a finalist tomorrow. I'm looking forward to her winning for the first time in 2 years.

Some people might think, "Do you do sports under current situation?" I understand what you mean, but it is also true that I recharge my motivation to fight another day by favorite players' great achievement. Not only tennis, but in major league baseball, Yu Darvish, a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, has been winning most of his games. This has been my favorite news as well.

Back to the story of Naomi Osaka, she has hardly won since grand slam titles two years ago. She probably had tried a tremendous amount of training and challenges under unimaginable pressure to me. It might be overbold to compare my experience as a city champion. Even the champion of the city with not-very-big-population, it was a big pressure. I secretly thought that we wouldn't be able to see her 3rd grand slam title. Now I apologize for my thought and am very happy to see her as a grand slam finalist tomorrow from the bottom of my heart. Welcome back Naomi!

After Jacob Blake shooting, she started to spread much information. In her tweet, I saw a sentence "However, before I am a athlete, I am a black woman." It was a completely perfect logical statement and fascinated by this beautiful sentence. This feeling is similar to the time when I read a famous philosophical statement by Rene Descartes "I think, therefore I am". Am I the only one who thought it would be a historic and legendary word?

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