Delivery meal services, Uber eats, Menu and Demae-can in Tokyo

That convenient service ever, not a day passed without seeing them. Delivery people run about here and there throughout the day. I had seen only Uber easts until a year before, but I see many delivery services like a Menu and Demae-can now. I appreciate them because they deliver food even after restaurants are closed at 8 pm. We are still in the state of emergency even now. Besides today, they are able to deliver kinds of stuff from convenience stores. The service is extremely helpful for those people who are unable to go out. If they were no delivery services, our life would have been more problematic. They are becoming life essential infra-services in city area of Japan. They are becoming essential services in Japan.

For restaurants, it is obvious to decrease their sales under this situation. Furthermore, they have to shorten their opening hours and obey the no-alcohol offering rule. It seems that some restaurants can do delivery services with delivery partner businesses, which make promising sales even during this time. Which reminds me of the famous quote by Charles Darwin from "On the Origin of Species". It isn't the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change.

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