1min Grilled fish! New ready-to-eat meal Japan

As Japan is surrounded by sea probably, many Japanese love seafood and eat it with various cooking methods such as Sushi, Sashimi, boiled fish, grilled fish. Even in the historical pictures drawn hundreds years ago, we can see many people were eating fishes in various ways that we still keep developing and improving today. So, Japan is also known as the sixth country in the world that consumes seafood.

One of the classical ready-to-eat meals is the dried fish, the world's oldest known preserved dish. Which can store them at room temperature, but the taste is extremely salty. Current dried fishes can keep their freshness for a long time without using excessive salt because they are expected to be kept in the freezer. They're very convenient ingredients to make one dish since the cooking process is just to grill it. The grill should be clean after the cooking, I don't care about this process but some people dislike it. I'd love to introduce my favorite frozen dried fish in some other times.

Let me talk about a remarkable product I recently met. It was actually a coincidence, and it came to my place as a gift from a person who knows I'm a busy person. How remarkable this is that the products don't need the grill, which means we are free from cleaning. Just microwave them without even taking the content out from the package. Because they use the special package which can control inside air pressure properly during the microwave. It can't possibly be any easier than this and further implications. Besides the easy preparation, the taste was good as the real grilled one. Supermarkets in the neighborhood haven't treated these products yet because of a high price, more than 6 dollars, I guess. It's a little higher than I like. Hopefully, the products with affordable prices would be available in the near future!

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