Tokyo approached Typhoon No.14 in strange route

The beginning of three consecutive holidays is a typhoon! As far as I know, it hasn't been a big disaster yet from the western side of Japan where the typhoon has just passed. Hope nothing bad happened. The prediction of the route shows that it will pass south of Tokyo. I hope the route to slide little bit more to the pacific side. According to the forecast, it will come tonight and go through Tokyo soon. Hope to welcome a sunny day without any damage tomorrow!

Here I have to talk about what happened about 10 years ago. My apartment building is far from rivers and cliffs but was damaged by flood few times. The water was not from the river but from a ditch in front of the apartment building. I experienced once that overflowed water came from the entrance and flooded the floor, and an elevator. It looked like a pool or pond! Another incident was that overflowed water poured into an underground car park and some cars submerged beyond automobile muffler height. What it caused was that stuffed ditches which were supposed to let water out. Since then, some filters were attached to the ditch, and some barricades such as sandbags were prepared to prevent. Hope they will work well tonight!

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