Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 19th week (on August 8, 2020)

The number of new positive cases was soared to 1608 yesterday across Japan. In Tokyo, on the other hand, the number of new positive cases remained high, in other words, nothing's changed since last week. Our government has been keeping silent, same as last. I'd like to hear a strong encouraging message from our leader which cheer us up to live with the COVID-19, even if there are no concrete measures to prevent the pandemic.

Obon festival, a traditional Japanese event in your hometown, is coming next week.

Obon is a traditional Japanese holiday to welcome the spirits of their ancestors, will honor their memories and reunite with family all together, which starts from August 13th for a few days in most parts of Japan. Some Japanese might even take a long holiday for this occasion and some of them might go back to their hometown. Additionally, our government hasn't lifted the "Go To Travel" campaign yet, which supports 50% of travel expenses.

It is easily imaginable that those moves would make spreading coronavirus nationwide be inevitable, I think. I truly wish that my guess is wrong.

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