Work in Tokyo under Quarantine, COVID-19; 14th week (on July 4, 2020)

In Tokyo, over 100 new patients have been confirmed for three days in a row. Having 3 digits of patients, such a symbolic number, indicates a sign of pandemic among many Japanese, I think. But re-declaration of the state of emergency wasn't applied.

Back in the end of May, the initial state of emergency wasn't withdrawn even though the number of patients declined less than 10. It makes wonder what the hell makes this difference? It might make sense that the capacity of the hospital has increased and been able to accommodate more patients since then so that the state of emergency is not required to declare at this moment.

I don't know whether our government policy is right or not, but I want to know more details about it and convince myself it's okay with that information.

Let me talk about the 14th week of my personal quarantine life. Fortunately, I'm still working from home but my daughter started to go to high school every day from this week through the Shinjuku station. It was said that many patients were confirmed at night clubs at Shinjuku. As a parent, I'm very worried about her facing possible patient cluster in the crowded train, but I would never say not to go to school for study.

In a comparison of the situation of United State, where more than 50 thousand of new patients confirmed every day, I might be worried too much, but pre-cautious ideas would save a lot, I hope.

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