Comfortable!  Low-cost Rakuten Mobile in Tokyo

About $40 per month was my smartphone bill of a major smartphone carrier in Japan even I used it minimum. Now, it's zero$ every month using Rakuten Mobile. Even I wanted to switch phone company to this obvious cheap one for a while, I ended up delaying it because of the complicated contract with the major smartphone carrier which makes procedure complexed. At least, a half-day is necessary to finish the all procedure. It's a waste of my time but necessary step to get rid of them.

That free plan I chose came with data traffic up to 1GB consumption per month and unlimited call usage. Doesn't it sound nice? Under the state of emergency, I mainly use it at home with WIFI and don't have much chance to consume data traffic outside. Since our state of emergency has been extended and issued so many times, also the request for refraining from going out were issued for long time by now, I simply assume our government might continue asking us same thing for a few more years. I think. Besides, even if I go out and uses trains, I usually try to read a book during travel time, not net surfing. Which means, I wouldn't have any trouble using the free plan for a while. By the way, speaking of trains, it was unbelievably quiet compared to the last time I took, it was almost as quiet as I could do medication there. But when one of passengers had one cough, tensions in the vehicle got higher suddenly. Anyway, Sorry I got little off track from main subject.

Someone comments that Rakuten Mobile doesn't have stable communication and a wide-service area. It might be a critical thing for people who use it for business. But it's not critical for me. Fortunately, I haven't had any troubles yet. There is no product which doesn't have a bad reputation. There is no product which doesn't have a bad reputation. The bad reputation make us hesitate to try, but we all have different perspectives when we look for something, like purpose, place, occasion, all different, so I think we should consider reputation with our own condition.

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