Rise of delivery services are changing our lives in city area, Japan

These days, not a day passed without seeing delivery services in the city. Couple days ago, I saw 7 delivery people while I was waiting for the lights to change just like a major street in big city Tokyo. Seeing this scene made me surprised because my living area, Saitama prefecture, isn't so flourishing like Tokyo.

It's easy to imagine why the delivery services become so popular since the state of emergency requested to refrain from eating out after 8:00 pm so does restaurants to be closed after 8:00 pm. For restaurants, it's a really serious damage for their business. Number of restaurants trying to overcome this adversity by getting hands on the takeout business is increasing. Besides, those delivery services started discount campaign for after 8 pm order. Demand and supply has been perfectly matched here.

Uber eats is the most popular food delivery service in Japan. In my area, Demae-can, a Japanese delivery service company has become popular almost same as Uber though I wasn't really aware of. Even people rating which services are better between those two, well, in my experience, both services are wonderful, I don't feel any problems. Under such circumstances, Uber eats has started a new delivery service of daily necessities from convenience stores. What a convenient world it has become! If you are subscribed to a free delivery fee service called Eats pass, you don't have to care for delivery fees anymore. I hope that the lineup of products will increase more and more with the spread of such kinds of deliveries!

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